Jesus, Kim Davis, and the Church in ‘Merica

Christian Hero***WARNING*** You will either LOVE this blog article, or you will HATE it. I really don’t care…

I’m not concerned with that. What I’m concerned with is simply speaking the truth. And I know the consequences of this. The truth offends. The truth divides. The truth, like light, exposes what’s in the darkness, and I sincerely pray that this blog does all of these things!

Do you know what both Daniel chapter 3 (The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) & Daniel chapter 6 (Daniel in the lions den) have in common? Continue reading

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John MacArthur is a False Teacher!

Macarthur-confronted-300x165I’m probably a little late on this. Most of the other bloggers have already wrote about this & have happily moved on to something else. But for whatever reason tonight I can’t get this out of my head & I feel compelled to write.

But in case you haven’t heard on Sunday, August 16th a man approached John MacAthur during his Sunday sermon at his Grace Community Church, claiming to be a prophet of God, & calling MacArthur to repent for his teaching on cessationism. Continue reading

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It’s the Little Wolves You Have to Watch Out For…

Unfriend FacebookIt happened, again. I had to block & delete someone from my Facebook.

This time it was different. This wasn’t just some random internet debate with some stranger 531 miles away. No. This was a local guy who I have ministered along side of in the past. I had to call him out as being a false prophet & a false teacher.

It’s one thing to call out pastors, preachers, & teachers on TV who have big ministries & who we have no real personal connection with as being false prophets, false teachers, or wolves in sheep’s clothing. But when it’s someone local, someone who you’ve ministered along side with before, someone who you share friends with, and someone who you can easily bump into a Walmart, calling them out takes things to a whole different level! Sadly, most Christians are scared to go there.

So, in this blog I’m going to go where nobody else is going. I’m going to talk about something that nobody else is talking about. Reading this is going to make you a little bit uncomfortable because it’s going to challenge you. Continue reading

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Death to the Dumb Bumbling Dads!

Written by Eric Johnson & Todd Lindamood

homer-peterWe both act like idiots even though we are not. One is a former pastor & professional stand-up comedian. They other is a current pastor & an actual scientist. Both of us have grown up watching a lot of television. We each have a great love & appreciation for comedy. And to be honest, each one of us considers the other to be the absolute funniest person we ever met. But we also have a serious side.

Recently we read an article online titled, “Dumbing Down Dad: How Media Present Husbands, Fathers as Useless.” This article discusses how over the years the role of the dad on TV has gone from being caring, wise, & involved father to being a very selfish, dumb, & uninterested individual who could really care less what’s going on in the lives of their children. The article raises a good question: Has dumbing down dad on TV had an effect on society? But we want to ask an even tougher question: Has dumbing down dad on TV had an effect on the Church?
Continue reading

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My Top 5 Favorite Worship Songs

Worship-Ministry-Photo-12.8.12This past week there has been a couple of different conversations that I’ve been in regarding worship & worship music. It’s been REALLY interesting! And after having these conversations one thing that I can say is that even though we all have our favorite style of music, almost everyone agrees that the words must be worshipful to God & Biblical. Continue reading

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Can a Preacher Be Divorced?

Every great once in a while I open up my inbox & find myself surprised by a question. It’s always a pleasant surprise & a great honor when anyone comes to me with a question.

Screenshot_2015-05-19-01-13-22Just last night a friend of mine on Facebook took the time to ask me a very good question: Can a preacher be divorced?

I’m going to share with you the very same response that I shared with her. Enjoy! Continue reading

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A Country Boy Can Survive

Hank JrThe other day I was sitting there, playing one of my absolute all-time favorite songs on guitar: A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr.

For 33 out of the 40 years I have been alive here on this earth I have been cranking this song up, and singing it as loud as I possibly can! In all honestly I have probably played this song more than any other song in my library! That’s how epic it is to me!

I simply cannot get sick of this song! I love everything about it! From the sound of Hank’s voice, to the acoustic guitar licks in the background, to the thump of the bass drum, to the lyrics. This song is amazing to me. Continue reading

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