My Top 5 Favorite Worship Songs

Worship-Ministry-Photo-12.8.12This past week there has been a couple of different conversations that I’ve been in regarding worship & worship music. It’s been REALLY interesting! And after having these conversations one thing that I can say is that even though we all have our favorite style of music, almost everyone agrees that the words must be worshipful to God & Biblical.

For me I love songs that speak of God’s holiness, righteousness, & sovereignty. To me those type of songs are truly worshipful & they are truly Biblical in nature. Every place I read in the Bible where I see God the Father or the Lord Jesus Christ being worshiped the worship is a declaration of their holiness, righteousness, and/or sovereignty. When I hear songs that reflect that it causes me to want to jump in & begin to make those very same declarations, myself! That’s when I find myself worshiping God in Spirit & in Truth. (See John 4:23-24)

So, these song listed below are my top 5 favorite worship songs. They’re listed in no particular order. I hope that you enjoy!

Ancient of Days – by Ron Kanoly

Revelation Song – by Phillips, Craig, & Dean

Isaiah 6 – by Todd Agnew

Though You Slay Me – by Shane & Shane

How Great Thou Art by Anyone/Everyone

What are your favorite worship songs? List them below in the comment section! If you have one that may not be familiar, feel free to leave a link to it so that maybe someone else can discover something new!

Thank you for taking the time to read & share! God bless!

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2 Responses to My Top 5 Favorite Worship Songs

  1. Enjoyed listening!! Here are some of my favorites. Matt Redmon 10,000 reasons, Hillsong Oceans, Heber Vega Just as I am-I come broken to be mended, Matt Redman Blessed Be Your Name

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