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Jesus, Kim Davis, and the Church in ‘Merica

***WARNING*** You will either LOVE this blog article, or you will HATE it. I really don’t care… I’m not concerned with that. What I’m concerned with is simply speaking the truth. And I know the consequences of this. The truth … Continue reading

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John MacArthur is a False Teacher!

I’m probably a little late on this. Most of the other bloggers have already wrote about this & have happily moved on to something else. But for whatever reason tonight I can’t get this out of my head & I … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Wolves You Have to Watch Out For…

It happened, again. I had to block & delete someone from my Facebook. This time it was different. This wasn’t just some random internet debate with some stranger 531 miles away. No. This was a local guy who I have … Continue reading

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Death to the Dumb Bumbling Dads!

Written by Eric Johnson & Todd Lindamood We both act like idiots even though we are not. One is a former pastor & professional stand-up comedian. They other is a current pastor & an actual scientist. Both of us have … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Favorite Worship Songs

This past week there has been a couple of different conversations that I’ve been in regarding worship & worship music. It’s been REALLY interesting! And after having these conversations one thing that I can say is that even though we … Continue reading

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Can a Preacher Be Divorced?

Every great once in a while I open up my inbox & find myself surprised by a question. It’s always a pleasant surprise & a great honor when anyone comes to me with a question. Just last night a friend … Continue reading

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A Country Boy Can Survive

The other day I was sitting there, playing one of my absolute all-time favorite songs on guitar: A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. For 33 out of the 40 years I have been alive here on this … Continue reading

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