11/20/2014 – Not only have I been invited back to take part in 2015’s Revelation Retreat in New London, Ohio, but I just found out that I get to minister along side of these guys:

I am beyond super excited about this opportunity! 7eventh Time Down are just coming off a national tour with the Newsboys and Family Force 5 & will be beginning their own Christmas tour shortly.

For more information please be sure to visit Revelation Retreat’s website:

10/28/2014 – I have been invited to be a contributor to a new, exciting blog site called Theology Mix! I am so excited & honored to be a part of such a great team of web designers & writers!

Please take time to check out the site! You can also follow them on Facebook & Twitter!

9/20/2014 – The Lord has released me to start booking comedy shows, again!

While this is something that I won’t be perusing full time, it is something that I greatly enjoy doing, and I feel blessed that the Lord has allowed me to do this, again.

3/29/2014 – Last night I lead worship in a barn for an Amish outreach event. There was one decision made for Christ Jesus! Praise God!

MAP Outreach 1

1/26/2014 – My assignment as Interim Pastor at Hope City Worship Center in Galion, Ohio will be over on February 6th, 2014! It’s been an AMAZING 7 months of serving the Lord there! Can’t wait to see what He has next!

Revelation Retreat 2014 Sunset Promo Logo Updated10/7/2013 – I have been invited to be the keynote speaker at 2014’s Revelation Retreat in New London, Ohio, on Saturday July 26th! For more information go to

6/23/2013 – Today I started my new position as interim pastor at Hope City Worship Center in Galion, Ohio!

4/22/2013 – I haven’t reported any news in a long, long time. That’s because I’ve been REALLY busy working on the CD that I’ve been producing with Lyndi Oakley!

It’s FINALLY done! It’s called, “A Servant of Him” and here’s the lyric video from the single, called “Start All Over Again.” Enjoy!

This song, “Start All Over Again”, is the single from Lyndi Oakley’s debut CD, “A Servant of Him.” It was written by Eric Johnson. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

For Booking Information Contact Lyndi:
Phone: (419) 775-5376

Visit Lyndi online at

15172-lyndioakley11/29/2013I had a very important meeting tonight! The meeting went REALLY well!!

I’m both excited & proud to announce that I will be working with a very talented & anointed singer, Lyndi Oakley. Together we will be producing a CD featuring her singing some of my original songs!

After much prayer & seeking the Lord, tonight we met together for the first time & discussed the project tonight. We have our God given game plan! We’re both very excites about this project & anxious to get to work!

There will certainly be more updates to come in the next few weeks!! Please stay tuned!!

11/1/2012 – I am honored to have the privilege of leading prayer for our men & women in the United States Military in a special prayers service being hosted by Abundant Life Tabernacle in Ontario, Ohio. The service is being held Sunday, November 4th at 6pm. If you’re in the Mansfield area you should come on out!

08/21/2012 – Today I’ve done something I’ve never done before: I allowed someone to be a guest blogger on my page! Who’s the special guest blogger? None other than my wife, Crystal! Here’s her blog: What is Real, True Love. Enjoy!

7/18/2012 – I just finished recording one of my original praise & worship songs called, “Without It, Without You.” It’s about the Word of God made flesh, Jesus Christ! Hope you enjoy!

7/8/2012 – I’m so excited! I got to baptize one of my really good friends, Cole McCoy, today! It was a real honor & privilege to be a part of this important step in his journey with Christ Jesus. I’m so proud of you, Cole!

7/3/2012 – Officially named the book today! It will be called, “Beyond Patmos: The Seven Churches of Revelation.” I’m really excited to FINALLY have it named!

I’m about half way done with the writing of the book. Once I get finished writing, I have the proof reading & then the final formatting before I send it off for publication. I will keep you guys posted! I hope to have this whole thing wrapped up by the end of summer, Lord willing!

6/10/2012 – This morning I began prepping for chapter five of my still untitled book. The book will be have about 12 chapter altogether. I can’t believe that I’m 2 months into it & I’m almost half way done! God is so good!

6/7/2012 – I’ve been praying for a while now for a friend of mine who’s Mormon. We actually engaged in conversation over their beliefs. It was hard to do, but the Holy Spirit gave me boldness to say what I needed to say to them. I just pray that there will be fruit from the seeds that I planted there.

Sometimes it hard to tell people the truth. The last thing we want to do is hurt or offend someone. However, if the road that they’re taking will clearly lead them to hell, then letting them stay on that road is the most hurtful & offensive thing that we can do. We have to love people enough to tell them the truth, even if it means that we risk losing that relationship.

4/22/2012 – I begin work on my 1st book! I don’t have a title, yet. The subject matter is the Seven Churches of Revelation. I’m going to be self-publishing it, and you’ll be able to buy it here or on Amazon once it is complete! I’m so excited!


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